What is Secure Channel?

· SIA’s OSDP™ v2 Secure Channel uses AES-128 encryption to safeguard the wireless connection.

· Secure Channel provides the only open secure protection against hacking and playback attacks, known to be vulnerabilities of the Wiegand protocol.

· According to the Security Industry Association, high-end AES is the encryption required in federal government applications.

Wireless Handheld Reader
Cypress Wireless Handheld Readers verify credentials by wirelessly communicating with a live database through the reader’s base unit.

Select models of the Wireless Handheld Reader also control a relay function such as opening a door or gates, or triggering a duress alarm.

Wireless Suprex® Reader-Extender
The Wireless Suprex Reader-Extender is widely known for enabling installations beyond the Wiegand 500-foot limit, especially across parking lots, railroad tracks, in distant buildings or when installing at sites which should not be disturbed, e.g., buildings with asbestos or historical significance.
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