Supervised Reader Extender - Suprex


Fiber Optic - Multi-Mode
A member of the Reader Extender product family, the SPX-7400 connects 1 reader and associated door/gate hardware using multi-mode fiber, to any Wiegand or MagStripe based control panel. The connection is totally supervised and secure with negligible bandwidth usage. The base pair will support a single door and reader. The EXP-2000 expansion module allows for the addition of as many as 7 doors and readers over the same Fiber Optic connection. Includes both remote (reader/door) and central (panel) units.


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UPC: 816684003127

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  • Multi-mode Fiber
  • Suprex® Lynk capable
  • Fully Supervised
  • Surge resistant

Reader Interface

  • Wiegand, MagStripe, Special


  • Extruded aluminum housing (4.45″ x 3.08″ x 2.0″)
  • Removable connectors
  • 8 – 16 VDC required



  • Gates
  • Utilize available fiber
  • Lightning prone areas