Q. Will your wireless products work in elevators?

A. Yes, our wireless solutions work when properly accommodated. However in some elevator situations, wired solutions are more reliable than wireless.

Q. Is there a solution to communication problems when installing Wiegand readers in elevators?

A. Yes if using the traveler cables. The Suprex line of Cypress solutions includes the SPX-1300 which will consolidate the wiegand signals, the inputs and outputs over a filtered RS-485 2 wire connection that will correct communications issues. Wireless is another solution using any of the Suprex wireless reader extenders.

Q. Can you have multiple handheld mobile readers in the same area without interference?

A. Yes. The individual readers can be set to different channels and/or frequencies



Q. What is the difference between the SPX-1300 and SPX-7500?

A. SPX-1300 only supports one reader connection, While the SPX-7500 supports the use of EXP-2000 expansion modules, which allow for multiple reader connections on one RS-485 connection.

Q. Is it possible to use Wiegand readers over a 10/100 ethernet network?

A. Yes the SPX-7200 device will consolidate the hardware at the door or gate. The SPX-7200 is a 2-piece solution which can be used on local or wide area networks.

Q. Is it possible to convert Wiegand readers to use ASCII or a serial protocol?

A. Yes see the Cypress CVX-1300 for most standard conversions. If custom conversions are needed, submit a request using the custom converter form.

Q. Can you use fiber optic cable between readers and panels?

A. Yes, the SPX-7400 multimode or SPX-7410 single mode.



Q. Can I return a product?

A. Please feel free to contact our tech support department directly at 800-807-2977, ext. 201, as our team is experienced in helping with installation challenges.

If you feel a product needs to be returned, please contact our technical support staff at 800-807-2977, ext. 201 to troubleshoot the issue. If it is deemed necessary by our tech support staff, an RMA number will be issued so the unit can be returned to Cypress for inspection. If the product was purchased through a distributor, it will need to be returned to the distributor using the RMA number. Review our product warranty here.




Q. Are Suprex's sold as a pair?

A. Yes all Suprex’s are sold as a pair.

Q. How can I buy your products in the UK or Europe?

A. Visit our Where to Buy page and select “international” to view the list of our preferred distributors.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. Cypress Integration excepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. If you wish to pay by check or money order, contact us by phone or email and we can arrange payment.

Q. How do I place a new order?

A. Ordering is simple. All you have to do is go to your desired product and click “add product to cart”. Doing this will add that item to your shopping cart. From there, you can either continue shopping or “proceed to checkout”. Once you have chosen all the products that you wish to purchase, just click on the “check out” button. Then all you have to do is either (if you are an existing user) enter your username and password or create an account.

Q. What if I cannot find a product?

A. At Cypress Integration our goal is to cover all your needs in every way possible. We are constantly adding new products to our inventory line. We work with many different manufacturers and distributors, so if for some reason you can’t find a particular product on our site, contact us by email or call us 1.810.245.2300.
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