LAPEER, MICHIGAN — Cypress Integration Solutions of Lapeer, Michigan, announces the release of the upgraded OSM-2400 OSDP-Wiegand Converter for customers within the US.

The OSM-2400 retrofits Wiegand access control systems to support OSDP, by using the converter with an OSDP reader and Wiegand panel. The converter can also be used with a Wiegand reader and OSDP panel. The OSM-2400 Converter was redesigned due to supply chain issues.

“In general, we intended the original OSDP-Wiegand Converter to be installed with an OSDP reader and Wiegand panel, with the OSDP reader resolving the Wiegand vulnerability,” said Jacob LeRoy, Cypress customer support specialist. “With today’s supply chain disruptions, integrators are requesting the converter to use with existing Wiegand readers and a new OSDP controller. Ideally this would be a short-term scenario, where the migration to OSDP becomes complete when the budget or supply chain allows.”

Along with addressing supply chain shortages, the OSM-2400 Converter fulfills a common customer request for a second LED I/O line. The upgraded converter can operate with a single LED line or 2 LED lines, depending on the type of reader it is used with.

The OSM-2400 additionally supports LED, Buzzer, and Relay Output I/O. DIP switches provide options for
manually setting the device address, selecting different modes for I/O behavior, and selecting one of two
operating modes: Access Control Unit (ACU) mode or Peripheral Device (PD) mode.

Cypress began shipping OSM-2400 orders in December 2022. Learn more about the Upgraded OSDP-Wiegand Converter at and see the converter at ISC West 2023, Cypress Booth 5060.

About OSDP: Developed under the leadership of SIA’s OSDP Working Group, OSDP is an international IEC
standard that replaces Wiegand and improves interoperability among access control and security products. Along with interoperability, OSDP is preferred for its encryption, authentication, supervision, 2-way communication and functionality. SIA recommends broad adoption of OSDP, especially for high-security settings. Learn more about OSDP at

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