LAPEER, Michigan, April 6, 2022 — Cypress Integration Solutions of Lapeer, Michigan, has unveiled a new time and money-saving OSDP device. The solution was first seen by attendees at last month’s ISC West security show in Las Vegas.

While security professionals are increasingly understanding the value of using SIA’s OSDP protocol, it can be challenging to source some OSDP components such as door hardware, said Jacob LeRoy, Cypress customer support specialist. 

The Cypress OSDP Universal Door Interface (OSM-UDI) is used with an OSDP reader and an OSDP panel to control and monitor door hardware through OSDP messages. Using the OSM-UDI means the installer does not need to run cable from each door hardware device back to the access control panel. 

“The OSM-UDI accommodates non-OSDP door hardware, and allows it to be monitored and controlled on the OSDP network,” said LeRoy.

The OSM-UDI controls and monitors:

  • Door position sensor
  • Request to Exit switch (REX)
  • Door / gate strike
  • Tamper switch
  • Other auxiliary function 

Along with the OSDP Universal Door Interface, Cypress Integration Solutions introduced a host of other OSDP solutions, including low-frequency OSDP readers and retrofit kits, an intelligent OSDP data router, an embedded OSDP module for manufacturers, a Wireless Handheld Reader with an OSDP-encrypted wireless connection, and other OSDP solutions. Learn more at

About OSDP: Developed under the leadership of SIA’s OSDP Working Group, OSDP is an IEC international communications standard that improves interoperability among access control and security products. Along with interoperability, OSDP is preferred for its encryption, authentication, supervision, 2-way communication and functionality. OSDP has begun replacing Wiegand and proprietary protocols in access control installations. SIA recommends broad adoption of OSDP, especially for high-security settings. Learn more about OSDP at

About Cypress Integration Solutions

Based in Lapeer, Michigan, Cypress Integration Solutions is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of physical access control integration solutions that save time, labor, and money, solve installation challenges, and advance adoption of SIA’s OSDP protocol. Built in the USA with 39+ years of expertise, Cypress’ innovative and award-winning solutions include Suprex® Reader-Extenders, handheld readers, OSDP adoption tools and data converters, along with custom-engineered, OEM, and ODM products. Learn more at