LAPEER, Michigan ­— Cypress Integration Solutions of Lapeer, Michigan, announces the release of new and improved  Wireless Handheld Readers and Suprex® Reader-Extenders, now upgraded to include the Security Industry Association’s OSDP Secure Channel, which safeguards the wireless connection.

Secure Channel, which is incorporated into the Open Supervised Device Protocol v2, provides data security and authentication using AES-128 encryption. Secure Channel is the only open, secure protection against hacking and playback attacks, which are known to be vulnerabilities of the Wiegand protocol. According to the Security Industry Association, high-end AES encryption is the encryption required in federal government applications.

“We are adopting OSDP Secure Channel as our standard,” said Cypress CEO Paul Ahern. “As a leading developer and provider of security industry solutions, adopting Secure Channel ensures we can provide frictionless interoperability without jeopardizing the integrity of the overall system.”

Along with Secure Channel fortification of entrances, Cypress Wireless Handheld Readers verify credentials by wirelessly communicating with a live database through the reader’s base unit; select models also control a relay function such as opening a door or gate, or triggering a duress alarm.

The Wireless Suprex Reader-Extender is widely known for enabling installations beyond the Wiegand 500-foot limit, especially across parking lots, railroad tracks, in distant buildings or when installing at sites which should not be disturbed, such as buildings with asbestos or historical significance.

Secure Channel Wireless Handheld Readers and Suprex Reader-Extenders can be seen at ISC West 2018 in Cypress Booth 6059, as well as at SIA’s April 11 InteropFest event, which demonstrates the latest in OSDP and Secure Channel solutions. Learn more at

About Cypress Integration Solutions

Cypress Integration Solutions is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of physical access control integration solutions which save time and money, solve installation challenges, and advance adoption of SIA’s OSDP protocol. Built in the USA with 35 years of expertise, Cypress’ innovative and award-winning solutions include Suprex reader-extenders, data converters, OSDP-enabled tools and handheld readers. Cypress also custom-engineers solutions and provides OEM and ODM products.