Even the latest in biometric readers can leave facilities vulnerable. What’s at fault? The legacy Wiegand connection. Due to advances in technology, the Wiegand protocol can easily be hacked, disabling your access control – or worse. The Security Industry Association’s OSDP protocol with Secure Channel is the best defense against hackers.


OSMIUM™ Wiegand-to-OSDP Converter

  • Convert legacy Wiegand readers to SIA’s OSDP™ 2-wire protocol
  • Integrate legacy Wiegand panels with OSDP readers
  • Supports up to 256-bit Wiegand with GPIO including LED, lock, REX and door status
  • OSDP Secure Channel AES-128 encryption halts Wiegand hacks

OSM-1000 (Board only)

For manufacturers interested in including OSDP in access control products, please contact us.


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