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Cypress CTO Tony Diodato named SIA OSDP Working Group Co-Chair


LAPEER, Michigan ­— Cypress Founder and Chief Technology Officer Tony Diodato has been named co-chair of the Security Industry Association’s OSDP Working Group, along with Steve Rogers, President of IQ Devices, Carmel Valley, Calif.

The OSDP Working Group is responsible for development of the Open Supervised Device Protocol, the successor to the Wiegand communication standard used in access control since the 1980s. The group is an extension of the Security Industry Association’s Standards Access Control & Identity Subcommittee. Version 2.1.7 of the OSDP standard allows an access reader to securely communicate with a security system, since the communication is encrypted.

Visit Cypress at ISC West in Booth 6059


View the latest in the Cypress access control solutions April 11-13 at ISC West, Booth 6059. See the new Cypress encrypted Wireless Handheld Readers and Suprex® Reader-Extenders, the Cypress toolbox of integrator’s problem-solver solutions, and products incorporating the benefits of SIA’s OSDP access control protocol. Bonus: Learn why OSDP is replacing Wiegand to safeguard entrance security.

InteropFest at ISC West: Learn about SIA's OSDP access control standard at a free reception


Save the Date: April 11, 2018, 4:30-7 p.m.

If you’re planning to be at ISC West, don’t miss the Security Industry Association’s InteropFest, a free networking reception which showcases interoperability among physical security solutions leveraging SIA’s Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) technology standard.

The event features presentations from leaders in SIA standards, as well as technology interoperability demonstrations.

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Cypress announces wireless access control solutions with OSDP™ Secure Channel

Upgrades to the Wireless Handheld Readers and Suprex® Reader-Extenders from Cypress Integration Solutions include the Security Industry Association’s OSDP Secure Channel, which safeguards the wireless connection.


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April 12, 2018, 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

ISC West, Las Vegas – Sands 307 Level 1

Tuesday, March 13, 1:30 p.m. MT

PSA TEC, Denver, CO

Hacked in 60 Seconds: How Legacy Wiegand Exposes Modern Access Control

Imagine wrapping up a high-profile access control project, then learning a criminal got in through an overlooked security hole. Biometric readers and modern credentials may work flawlessly, but pairing them with the Wiegand protocol means leaving the job half finished. Why? Because data passing from the credential to the reader may be secure, but the Wiegand connection leaves data vulnerable on the threat side of the door. Once considered inherently secure, today’s technology has turned Wiegand into a liability. Find out why, and learn how SIA’s OSDP standard secures the reader-panel connection in this session with ethical hacker Babak Javadi of The CORE Group security auditors, and Cypress CTO Tony Diodato, an expert in access control format…


Learning Outcomes:
1. Identify the technological changes affecting card reader hacking.
2. Analyze areas of vulnerability in access control systems.
3. Diagram the process of retrofitting a card reader to employ the OSDP protocol.

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Cypress and Farpointe join forces to address growing demand for OSDP integration

LAPEER, Michigan  — Cypress Integration Solutions of Lapeer, Michigan, and Farpointe Data of  Sunnyvale, California,
have joined forces to supply integrators with products which will bring integrators improved security and flexibility, thanks to the Security Industry Association’s OSDP™ access control standard.

The Open Supervised Device Protocol  (OSDP) standard is replacing the  Wiegand  protocol. Farpointe Data’s RFID readers and receivers with OSDP, and the Cypress OSMIUM™ line of Wiegand to OSDP converters are designed specifically to create a simple migration path to the new standard.

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Made in Michigan: Cypress Integration Solutions security access systems

It’s something that many of us do on a daily basis, and never think twice about.

“You pull out your key card and swipe it to try and get into the building. Most people take for granted that they have a badge inside their pocket. We’re doing all the stuff behind the scenes to allow for that door or gate to open,” said Project and Production Engineering Director Clinton Bolinger.

Cypress Integration Solutions in Lapeer is about to celebrate its 35th anniversary. The electronic manufacturing company specializes in making point of access security systems.

“All the stuff that makes it worth it is all kind of in this little chip inside. To everyone else, it looks like a little board that makes flashy lights and little beeps,” said Bolinger.

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Cypress announces wireless access control solutions with OSDP™ Secure Channel

LAPEER, Michigan ­— Cypress Integration Solutions of Lapeer, Michigan, announces the release of new and improved  Wireless Handheld Readers and Suprex® Reader-Extenders, now upgraded to include the Security Industry Association’s OSDP Secure Channel, which safeguards the wireless connection.

Secure Channel, which is incorporated into the Open Supervised Device Protocol v2, provides data security and authentication using AES-128 encryption. Secure Channel is the only open, secure protection against hacking and playback attacks, which are known to be vulnerabilities of the Wiegand protocol. According to the Security Industry Association, high-end AES encryption is the encryption required in federal government applications.


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LRG Inc. to represent Cypress access control solutions in central United States

LAPEER, Michigan ­— Cypress Integration Solutions of Lapeer, Michigan; and LRG Inc., of Jasper, Texas, are proud to announce that LRG Inc. now represents Cypress in 16 central U.S. states.

“Having LRG Inc. represent Cypress is a win-win partnership,” said Paul Ahern, Cypress president. “LRG is a company which is focused not just on selling pieces and parts, but on solution selling. They are known for providing outstanding technical as well as sales support, and have dedicated personnel which get to the root of customer needs.”

“The Cypress lineup of access control solutions perfectly complements our portfolio of access control and contractor technology solutions,” said LRG President Chris Lanier. “We are excited to help integrators stand out from the competition with Cypress solutions which bridge and extend component capability. We will be able to provide companies a complete, flexible access control package to save time and money for both legacy and new access control installations.”

LRG Inc. will now represent Cypress within the states of Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Established in 2001, LRG has become one of the largest security representative firms in the Central U.S.,  providing true independent consultation for the access control contractor, along with a six-person support center for pre- and post-installation needs and project assistance. To learn more, call (409) 384-4560 or go to

Since it was founded in 1983, Cypress Computer Systems, dba Cypress Integration Solutions, has remained a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of electronic security solutions and technologies, with products made in the U.S.A. Currently available solutions include wireless credential readers, data format converters, wireless Wiegand extenders, fiber and wired Wiegand reader extenders, and Wiegand splitters– solutions which are used worldwide to solve unique design and installation challenges. Cypress also custom-engineers solutions, and supplies products to make the transition to the Security Industry Association’s Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) standard. To learn more, go to