LAPEER, Michigan ­— Cypress Founder and Chief Technology Officer Tony Diodato has been named co-chair of the Security Industry Association’s OSDP Working Group, along with Steve Rogers, President of IQ Devices, Carmel Valley, Calif.

The OSDP Working Group is responsible for development of the Open Supervised Device Protocol, the successor to the Wiegand communication standard used in access control since the 1980s. The group is an extension of the Security Industry Association’s Standards Access Control & Identity Subcommittee. Version 2.1.7 of the OSDP standard allows an access reader to securely communicate with a security system, since the communication is encrypted.

Diodato, who founded Cypress 35 years ago, is known for his expertise in protocol and format conversions. Working with both card reader and control panel issues has convinced him of the need to “shore up the shortcomings of previous technologies such as Wiegand.

“Being in our unique position as the go-to company for both reader and panel conversion products, we feel we can contribute to the continuing evolutions of the OSDP specification,” said Diodato. “I’m honored and excited to take on this new role.”

“Tony has been an esteemed member of the SIA OSDP Working Group for a number of years and has provided invaluable contributions to the technical aspects of the specification that make it a more secure, more flexible specification for our industry,” said Joe Gittens, Director of Standards for the Security Industry Association.

Gittens, who calls Diodato a “natural engineer and problem solver,” said Diodato’s leadership will “certainly ensure the advancement of the specification as it responds to evolving industry demands.”

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